Dable is Asia’s No.1 Content Discovery Platform that aims to connect users, media, and content.

About us

Dable, based in South Korea, is a technology-based company that uses big data and personalization technologies to provide the following services such as, Dable News (Personalized Content Recommendation) and Dable Native Ad (Personalized Native Ad Solution).

Dable helps not only the advertisers, but also the publishers to carry out advertisement more effectively and efficiently. For advertisers, you can expose the most appropriate advertisements for users thereby maximizing advertising effect. Also, you can acquire new customers or reach more audiences through Dable's media network. For publishers, you can embed Dable's recommendation solution on your website or application. Dable’s recommendation solution will increase not only your traffic by suggesting other articles of your website/app, but also revenue through native ads on its slots.

Dable is widely recognized for its technology, as proven by its awards and recognition through K-Global DB-Stars Grand Prize (2015), Korea Online Advertising Grand Prize (2016), TIPS Award Grand Convention (2017), Ministry of Science and ICT Grand Prize (2019) etc. And Dable successfully secured seed investments and funding from leading investors and has raised a total of KRW8billion in funding over 3 consecutive rounds.

Dable has partnered with over 2,500 media across Asia, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia such as MBC, SBS, Chosun Ilbo, Ettoday, NOWnews, Businesstoday, Liputan6, Suara, Tempo, Thanhnien, Bongda, Tienphong, Malaysiakini, Feminine, and Nanyang Siang Pau. And Dable is aggressively growing in number and expanding into more global markets.

We would like to welcome candidates who resonate with our vision and culture and are willing to grow together as a team.


  • Simply do your best to reach a given goal (X)
  • Think and achieve what can make a more important contribution to the corporate vision
  • Create a perfect new service through accurate research (X)
  • Create an evolving service through repeating swift and light failures
  • This UI is more pretty and sophisticated (X)
  • As a result of AB testing for 7 days, this UI was higher in both click through rate and retention

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