To Bring Joy to billions of young generations by Enabling everyone's Talents

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Founded in 2015, CREATORY - “Create a Story” - is an Influencer-management company that nurtures & supports individual talents to become the influencers that can impact millions of young generations. Our business includes Talent Management, PR / Influencer Marketing, Contents Production, Contents Distribution.

CREATORY's purpose (MTP) is "to Bring Joy to billions of young generations by Enabling everyone's Talents" with vision to influence young generations'​ consciousness to higher-level by conveying inspiring messages & information through easily-consumed video content. Besides, we expect that can make the creative industry more transparent and by doing so, help creative people & companies grow and become more successful at what they do.

Our platform has a wide portfolio of influencers that are categorized into main fields such as gaming, lifestyle, edutainment, etc. Some of our most popular content creators are influential and inspiring positive living to the community, including MisThy, Woossi, Oops Banana, Di Di, Linh Ngoc Dam, Vannie, Rip113, Cuong Kido, Long.C, etc.

People love our Creators and our contents because those are created within our unique company culture and working environment. This is the number one priority of our business strategies. We provide very unique opportunities not only for professional development but also for personal development. We believe that our culture and soul will grow with us, this will be the key factors that help us achieve our goals together.


  • Guaranteed 13th-month salary
  • Annual salary review.
  • Additional Health insurance
  • Learning & Development opportunities
  • Team outing & bonding activities.
  • Contribution awards
  • Working day: Mon-Fri

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