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We aim to design innovative AI solutions to transform business!

Cinnamon AI Labs ( is the pioneer company in consulting and designing innovative solutions using AI technology for business. We aim to become a leading global company in this field by 2025. Such huge challenge proves Cinnamon's passion to transform business with AI solutions.

Join us to research on cool AI projects!

  • Flax Scanner: extracts information from unstructured forms and stores in structured database. Flax Scanner can work with both hand-writing and text data

  • Scuro Bot: utilizes Natural Language Processing. It's designed to bring unique customer experience or removing boring administrative tasks

  • Lapis Engine: A highly accurate recommendation engine which utilizes vectorization of user and product information. Lapis engine's algorithm are built upon strong business understanding

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  • 4th Floor, No.2, 16A5 Ly Nam De Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam