SSI Securities Corporation

SSI Securities Corporation

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Trách nhiệm công việc:

Responsible for ensuring data is made available to understand and guide business performance by:

  • Enabling the team to respond to specific business requests for data and/or analysis
  • Providing access to new data to enable enhanced understanding (such as models or segmentation)
  • Supporting the timely and trusted creation of regular reports and analysis
  • Driving data quality (completeness, formats, accuracy, timelines ) across the data team and within the business
  • Building and maintaining data governance structures.
  • Proactively identifying areas where additional value could be extracted from the data
  • Ensuing all analysis undertaken is of high quality through the standardisation and transparency of data (raw and transformed) across the team

Responsible for effectively working with stakeholders (Primarily technology and business):

  • Understanding and translating business requirements
  • Working with data engineers to enable the effective flow of data across systems
  • Design and creation of data structures which enable regular reporting through  data visualization tools 
  • Implementation of data controls which liberate the use of data across the business while ensuring appropriate compliance
  • Support the automation of reporting wherever possible including automated QC checking 
  • Working with data engineers and solution architects in the design of appropriate data structures to support existing and future business needs
  • Support in the training and communication of data needs so that there is a high and consistent level of understanding and accurate interpretation of the importance of data across the business.

Supporting the business with respect to the data strategy by:

  • Providing guidance on the relative value of data elements and implications of data gaps / quality issues
  • Advising on the effective collection, storage and transformation of data to maximise values (improved data quality)
  • Adhering to appropriate standards and procedures with regard to data governance and management

Kỹ năng & Chuyên môn:

Minimum requirements:

  • University degree in IT, Computer Mathematics, Management Information, or related subjects
  • Over five years of relevant experience in testing and working with a variety of databases / warehouses / marts / lakes
  • Hands on experience with common databases such as MS SQL and Oracle and its associated language SQL, PL/SQL etc 
  • Hands on experience with cloud analytics platforms such as Azure, GCP, AWS and Snowflake
  • Coding experience in one or more languages such as R, Python, Java etc. 
  • Understanding of ETL framework and ETL tools
  • Excellent data management skills - the ability to effectively, accurately and without bias; merge, match, sort, transform, trend and summarise data
  • Excellent documentation skills
  • Strong organisational skills and attention to detail.


  • Ideally experience in securities industry
  • Familiar with data visualisation tools such as PowerBI, tableau etc
  • Good understanding of the needs of data structures to support AI   
  • Communication skills with effective stakeholder management
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Địa điểm

  • 1C Ngô Quyền, Phường Lý Thái Tổ, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Thành phố Hà Nội
SSI Securities Corporation
SSI Securities Corporation


Địa điểm

  • 72 Nguyễn Huệ, Phường Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
  • 1C Ngô Quyền, Phường Lý Thái Tổ, Quận Hoàn Kiếm, Thành phố Hà Nội

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