Parcel Perform

Smarter solutions for businesses worldwide

Smarter solutions for businesses worldwide

Parcel Perform is a global SaaS company for the e-commerce logistics industry that aims to excel and optimize their customers’ end-to-end logistics experience worldwide. We are changing the way e-commerce logistics is built. Through our technology platform, we provide innovative e-commerce logistics management for companies. With 2,000+ customers globally, international investors like Wavemaker Partners and 500 Startups, we are the go-to technology software for e-commerce logistics. 

We are an international, dynamic and fast-growing team that’s excited about e-commerce and logistics and the opportunity to transform these industries with data and technology. Our team of 50+ experts are mainly based in Singapore, Berlin and Vietnam, serving global customers with a unique technology solution worldwide. We are driven and strive to build an excellent product that we sell passionately around the globe. 

Our motto: “With hustle and heart, everything is possible.” 

Join us, if you have the same passion, if you want to continuously learn and change the way e-commerce logistics is built. Hit the apply button and tell us why you would be the perfect candidate for this role and how you will help us in our pursuit of becoming the world’s best e-commerce logistics management platform.


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We are the leading carrier-independent parcel tracking service for merchants worldwide with over 600 logistics carriers connected and the most comprehensive standardization of logistics events. Working with thousands of merchants, tracking millions of parcels.


Parcel Monitor is the global knowledge-sharing community for E-commerce Logistics for merchants, logistics carriers and end consumers. We are 100% carrier-independent, 100% focused on E-commerce Logistics. Our aim is to deliver a better e-commerce logistics experience for merchants, logistics carriers and ultimately the end consumer. Through data and the collective wisdom of the community, we believe we can turn-around traditional siloed mindsets today and create an open, collaborative space within the e-commerce logistics industry. Since 2016, Parcel Monitor has been providing real-time shipment tracking updates (regardless of carrier or country) to millions of end-consumers, and an avenue for them to provide feedback about their experience. With a treasure trove of parcel data amassed on the platform; from logistics performance, delivery timings to carrier ratings, we wanted to make these insights open and accessible to the community. Specifically, for retailers to learn about their customers’ post-checkout experience and for logistics companies and carriers to improve their services using industry benchmarks.

Các việc làm tại Parcel Perform

Đãi ngộ

The opportunity to work in a fast-growing, super exciting and innovative business that will revolutionize the e-commerce logistics industry. You will be the needle of success on the growth of a global product that will become a key platform behind successful e-commerce logistics worldwide.

The ability to continuously learn and develop in an international setting with you being a critical driver behind the success of us achieving our mission.

An environment where everybody never stops growing and focuses on succeeding - we continuously work with you on your strengths and weaknesses across many important dimensions and look at ways for you to address them and further your development.

Your entry ticket into being part of the Parcel Perform journey, where you will work with and alongside people from around the world that share the same passion and dedication.

Working time: Monday - Friday