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Lexor TECH – The Key To Salon Success

Being the best doesn’t come simply by having the best product. Being the best means inspiring a new wave of ideas, inspiring new talent, and providing the industry the necessary tools and support it needs. Being the best means unlocking one’s potential-unlocking the possibilities.

Lexor has become the world’s largest, trusted brand in spa chair manufacturing holding more than 35% of the Nail Industry market share and growing. With its commitment to innovation, quality, and support, Lexor continuously pushes the boundaries of traditional pedicure spa design by incorporating exclusive features engineered to provide for a more efficient, ergonomic, and sanitary pedicure spa experience. Many of its inventions have been patented, a most notable being the whirlpool pipeless system—Ecojet®.

Lexor’s mission is to provide customers with the most technologically advanced, innovatively designed, and highest quality pedicure spas in the market. The passion and attention our staff invests ensure the best customer support and product performance possible. We believe that through these pursuits we can achieve our commitment to growing the nail industry and be The Key To Salon Success.

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 Swift iOS Objective-C XCode Web Android SDK 

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13th month salary


Labor contract, insurance, annual days off are based on Vietnamese law.


Travelling every year


Flexible working hours (From Monday and Friday).