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We are looking for full-time or part-time research software developers including Junior/Senior/Lead Algorithm Engineers, Software Engineers, and Frontend Engineers. You will join our product development or research project. You will be mentored by and work with Professor Kevin Chang at CS @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), senior engineers at Cazoodle Inc. Hanoi, and senior graduate students at UIUC. You can work remotely online or physically in our office in Hanoi. You are expected to commit flexibly from 20 hours/week (part-time) to 40 hours/week (full-time position).

Your role & responsibilities

  • Project Description: AI-based knowledge discovery and acquisition by exploring, searching, and synthesizing knowledge from large scale structured and unstructured data across millions of websites on the Internet. Specifically, we build vertical search engines that help users explore and find information in a vertical domain and community information services that connect people with the knowledge they need in a professional community. 
  • Techniques: You will learn about and apply artificial intelligence, natural language processing, database, and data mining techniques. You will implement novel algorithms and build end-to-end software systems.

Your skills & qualifications

You are an ideal candidate if you can:

  • Effectively communicate in English.
  • Develop backend or frontend or full-stack software.
  • Read research papers and understand how to reproduce.
  • Build/implement AI/NLP/DB/DM techniques such as word embedding, information extraction, large language model, database querying, and web search.

* Pay: $850 - 3500/month (full-time) or $5 - 20/hour (part-time), depending on qualification.

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  • Pay: $850 - 3500/month (full-time) or $5 - 20/hour (part-time), depending on qualification.

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