Project Manager / Senior QA (Scrum)

Parcel Perform
147 Tôn Dật Tiên, Tân Phong, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh
Ho Chi Minh
Salary: Negotiable
Project Manager QA Scrum

What You’re In Charge?

  • Manage execution - Ensure the development team works on the right priorities and own the Agile process.
  • Organize and facilitate - Handle the basic agile processes of daily stand-up meetings, reviews, retrospectives, ​sprint ​and ​release ​planning, ​and ​other ​Scrum-related ​meetings.
  • Take Accountability for Results - You will monitor and report the overall project progress back to management as well as the various internal and external stakeholders. You will deliver results with identifying ​and ​escalating ​any ​issues ​before ​they ​are ​happening.
  • Coordinate the Team - You will communicate with different people on our team (developers, business, designers ​etc.) ​to ​ensure ​that ​roadblocks ​are ​removed ​and ​issues ​are ​closed ​quickly.
  • Ensure quality - Ensuring we have the right level of scope and coverage per epic and regression failures ​are ​protected ​against ​together ​with ​QA ​team.
  • Continuous Improvement - Identifying and driving areas where the team and process can improve the way ​we ​deliver ​on ​high ​quality ​releases.

What We’re Searching?

  • At least 4+ years experience.
  • Experience ​delivering ​successful ​projects ​in ​software ​companies ​with ​Agile ​practices.
  • Experience ​as ​Scrum ​Master ​is ​essential.
  • Experienced ​in ​working ​with ​multidisciplinary ​team ​members ​in ​multiple ​teams ​and ​multiple locations.
  • A ​positive ​and ​can-do ​attitude.
  • Enthusiastic ​approach ​to ​problem-solving ​and ​collaborating ​with ​team ​members.
  • Excellent organisational, analytical, written, and verbal communication skills with the ability to multi-task and ​follow ​through ​on ​projects ​to ​completion.
  • Background ​in ​delivering ​Digital ​/ ​Consumer ​Web ​or ​Mobile ​projects.
  • Aspiration ​to ​the ​excellence ​in ​everything: ​being ​a ​leader, ​driver, ​good ​team ​member.
  • Willingness ​to ​work ​under ​pressure ​with ​competing ​demands ​on ​your ​time.
  • Proven ​work ​experience ​in ​software ​quality ​assurance.
  • Strong ​knowledge ​of ​software ​QA ​methodologies, ​tools ​and ​processes.
  • Experience ​in ​writing ​clear, ​concise ​and ​comprehensive ​test ​plans ​and ​test ​cases.
  • Hands-on ​experience ​with ​automated ​testing ​tools.
  • Familiarity ​with ​Pivotal ​Tracker, ​Invision, ​and ​Confluence ​a ​plus.
  • Desired ​Qualification: ​Scrum ​Master ​Certification ​(CSM).

Best About This Position

Competitive salary.
The opportunity to work in a fast growing, super exciting and innovative business that will revolutionize the e-commerce logistics industry. You will develop a global product that will become a key platform behind successful e-commerce logistics worldwide.
Insurance package according to Labor Law.
Lunch and snacks provides.
The ability to continuously learn and develop in an international setting with you being a critical driver behind the success of us achieving our mission.
The experience to work with the latest technologies, tools and frameworks that will make our platform unique and competitive in the market. We will go the extra mile to come up with the most innovative solutions.
Your entry ticket into being part of the Parcel Perform Universe, where you will work with and alongside people that share the same passion and dedication.
An environment where nobody ever stops growing, and focuses on succeeding - we continuously work with you on your strengths and weaknesses across many important dimensions, and look at ways for you to. address them and further your development.
All the usual perks you’d expect from a fast growing company like free lunch, annual wage supplement, various training programs, free weekly football, free fruit, amazing o ces including sleeping rooms, and more.
Time working: 08:30 AM - 05:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

Parcel Perform

Who ​we ​are at ​Parcel ​Perform: We ​at ​Parcel ​Perform ​are ​proud ​to ​be ​one ​of ​500 ​Startups ​funded ​companies. ​Our ​platform ​gives ​merchants ​all the ​information ​needed ​to ​manage ​their ​e-commerce ​logistics ​effectively, ​and ​consumers ​can ​benefit ​from ​a better ​e-commerce ​experience ​with ​our ​many ​solutions ​around ​communicating ​e-commerce... See more

Who ​we ​are at ​Parcel ​Perform:

  • We ​at ​Parcel ​Perform ​are ​proud ​to ​be ​one ​of ​500 ​Startups ​funded ​companies. ​Our ​platform ​gives ​merchants ​all the ​information ​needed ​to ​manage ​their ​e-commerce ​logistics ​effectively, ​and ​consumers ​can ​benefit ​from ​a better ​e-commerce ​experience ​with ​our ​many ​solutions ​around ​communicating ​e-commerce ​logistics ​progress ​to them.

Parcel ​Perform ​for ​Merchants ​- ​

  • Today’s ​online ​merchants ​work ​with ​multiple ​carriers, ​but ​lack ​the ​ability ​to ​compare ​carrier ​performance ​over time ​and ​geography. ​Parcel ​Perform ​offers ​interactive ​dashboards ​with ​key ​logistic ​KPIs ​(e.g. ​transit ​times, deliverability) ​to ​enable ​e-commerce ​merchants ​to ​optimize ​their ​logistics. ​We ​also ​provide ​merchants ​with ​the tools ​needed ​to ​enhance ​the ​last ​stretch ​of ​their ​end ​customers’ ​e-commerce ​experience, ​including ​a customizable ​tracking ​page ​with ​richer ​insights ​in ​multiple ​languages, ​as ​well ​as ​automated ​updates ​across ​web and ​mobile.

Parcel ​Perform ​for ​Consumers ​- ​

  • We ​offer consumers ​a ​single ​website ​with ​a ​simple, ​unified ​interface ​to ​track ​parcels ​globally ​and ​in ​multiple languages. ​Website ​alerts, ​email ​and ​SMS ​notifications ​will ​keep ​you ​informed ​about ​your ​delivery ​on ​every ​step of ​its ​way.


147 Tôn Dật Tiên, Tân Phong, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh