Backend Engineers (Django, Scala)

Parcel Perform
147 Tôn Dật Tiên, Tân Phong, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh
Ho Chi Minh
Salary: Negotiable
Django Scala

What You’re In Charge?

  • As a senior backend developer, you will be building scalable systems with microservices. You will get to write code bases that are small and focused on doing one thing well.
  • We choose microservices for technology freedom, resilience and scalability, though there will be lot of communication between services (does MQ ring any bell?), much automation and tons of metrics we need to keep an eye on.
  • Such system aren’t easy. But that is ok. We aren’t here for ease anyway. We are here for people who want to operate at the next level in their career.
  • Basically your work will be legendary.

What We’re Searching?

  • At least 2 years, solid experience working with Django / Scala framework.
  • Strong knowledge of scaling practices such as in-memory databases, load balancing,
  • caching, etc.
  • Worked with at least one project using a MQ as communication hub. If you start one today, that still counts.
  • Fluent in RESTful and real-time communication protocols.
  • Familiar with AWS stack to get the most out of infrastructure.
  • Wide exposure to multiple technology stacks is an advantage, we love full stack guys (and girls!).

Best About This Position

Competitive salary.
The opportunity to work in a fast growing, super exciting and innovative business that will revolutionize the e-commerce logistics industry. You will develop a global product that will become a key platform behind successful e-commerce logistics worldwide.
Insurance package according to Labor Law.
Lunch and snacks provides.
The ability to continuously learn and develop in an international setting with you being a critical driver behind the success of us achieving our mission.
The experience to work with the latest technologies, tools and frameworks that will make our platform unique and competitive in the market. We will go the extra mile to come up with the most innovative solutions.
Your entry ticket into being part of the Parcel Perform Universe, where you will work with and alongside people that share the same passion and dedication.
An environment where nobody ever stops growing, and focuses on succeeding - we continuously work with you on your strengths and weaknesses across many important dimensions, and look at ways for you to. address them and further your development.
All the usual perks you’d expect from a fast growing company like free lunch, annual wage supplement, various training programs, free weekly football, free fruit, amazing o ces including sleeping rooms, and more.
Time working: 08:30 AM - 05:30 PM from Monday to Friday.

Parcel Perform

Who ​we ​are at ​Parcel ​Perform: We ​at ​Parcel ​Perform ​are ​proud ​to ​be ​one ​of ​500 ​Startups ​funded ​companies. ​Our ​platform ​gives ​merchants ​all the ​information ​needed ​to ​manage ​their ​e-commerce ​logistics ​effectively, ​and ​consumers ​can ​benefit ​from ​a better ​e-commerce ​experience ​with ​our ​many ​solutions ​around ​communicating ​e-commerce... See more

Who ​we ​are at ​Parcel ​Perform:

  • We ​at ​Parcel ​Perform ​are ​proud ​to ​be ​one ​of ​500 ​Startups ​funded ​companies. ​Our ​platform ​gives ​merchants ​all the ​information ​needed ​to ​manage ​their ​e-commerce ​logistics ​effectively, ​and ​consumers ​can ​benefit ​from ​a better ​e-commerce ​experience ​with ​our ​many ​solutions ​around ​communicating ​e-commerce ​logistics ​progress ​to them.

Parcel ​Perform ​for ​Merchants ​- ​

  • Today’s ​online ​merchants ​work ​with ​multiple ​carriers, ​but ​lack ​the ​ability ​to ​compare ​carrier ​performance ​over time ​and ​geography. ​Parcel ​Perform ​offers ​interactive ​dashboards ​with ​key ​logistic ​KPIs ​(e.g. ​transit ​times, deliverability) ​to ​enable ​e-commerce ​merchants ​to ​optimize ​their ​logistics. ​We ​also ​provide ​merchants ​with ​the tools ​needed ​to ​enhance ​the ​last ​stretch ​of ​their ​end ​customers’ ​e-commerce ​experience, ​including ​a customizable ​tracking ​page ​with ​richer ​insights ​in ​multiple ​languages, ​as ​well ​as ​automated ​updates ​across ​web and ​mobile.

Parcel ​Perform ​for ​Consumers ​- ​

  • We ​offer consumers ​a ​single ​website ​with ​a ​simple, ​unified ​interface ​to ​track ​parcels ​globally ​and ​in ​multiple languages. ​Website ​alerts, ​email ​and ​SMS ​notifications ​will ​keep ​you ​informed ​about ​your ​delivery ​on ​every ​step of ​its ​way.


147 Tôn Dật Tiên, Tân Phong, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh