Travel and Pay Software Solution Co., Ltd

Travel and Pay Software Solution Co., Ltd

We love to make it happen!

We love to make it happen!

Travel and Pay Software Solutions is a member of HRS Group, originally established with a mission to build innovative and unique products and services in the Travel and Payment business fields. Currently, we are empowering hundreds of mid and large-size customers in Germany and all-around Europe to grow their businesses with our intelligent and fully-digitized solutions and inspiring content.

By the best practice of having creative teams and huge potential business opportunities, we are always looking for passionate candidates to join our team.


HRS is one of the top three hotel portals in Europe and one of the market leaders in the world for business travel. The company streamlines the procedures associated with hotel stays and provides travel managers and travelers with cutting-edge solutions as an outsourcing provider for large international corporations. International businesses, business travelers, and hotel partners all gain from the HRS Group's extensive network. The 1972-founded Cologne-based group of companies now has more than 1,500 employees spread across more than 35 locations around the world, including Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, London, Warsaw, Mumbai, So Paulo, New York, and Sydney.

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